Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spams On Google +

During the last week, many new users are bombarded claiming Google + spam submissions. This is because there are internal problems in this new social networking system.

It may sound odd if a site owned by Internet giant experienced it, but indeed the case. Although the service is still in beta format with a limited number of users, they are overwhelmed to handle it.

Quoted viewwit of Tg Daily, Tuesday (12/07/2011), the social networking users are many who complained repeatedly they receive notification from Google that tells the status changes and a variety of the latest update their accounts.

"Please accept our apologies for the spam that we caused. For about 80 minutes we ran out of disk space for the service that monitors the notification. That's why our system is constantly trying to send notifications," said Senior Vice President for Google's social media product, Vic Gundotra in G + his wall.

Meanwhile, Graham Cluley from security firm Sophos assess the internet and computers is very embarrassing for Google + experienced this kind of bugs. "You might be hard to imagine how this site could run out of space even though still in the testing phase," he said.

But according to a kind of junk messages, aka spam is still better than the users 'beaten' spam contains a powerful drug advertising, phishing messages or link virus.

"But still, this kind of annoying errors and annoying users," he concluded.

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