Monday, April 4, 2011

Larry Page Take over Steering Google

Periods as Google CEO Eric Schimdt has ended. Google founders, Larry Page, again took over the reins of supreme power in the Internet giant on Monday (04/04/2011) when the United States.

"Page is ready to lead " Schmidt said, quoted HOT NEWS AND HOT ISSUE from AFP on Monday (04/04/2011).

Page and Sergey Brin noted as the founder of Google. Both teens have created this innovative site so internet users world reference when looking for information on 13 years ago.

After Page became CEO, she alone will be responsible for strategic projects and development of Google products are new.

While the previous CEO - Schimdt - will enter the ranks of Google's executive chairman and will focus on business cooperation agreements, partnerships, and maintain relationships with customers and governments.

In addition, male 55 years old was also still believed to be a mentor Page and Brin are currently aged 37 and 38 years in leading Google.

Schimdt is an executive upper-class world. Inevitably, the two founders of Google entrust valuable assets to Schimdt since 2001. The result was not in vain, Google is now increasingly meraksasa to have nearly 25,000 employees and annual revenue to reach USD 30 billion.

"In my opinion, Larry was ready to lead Google and I am very excited to work with both (Larry Page and Sergey Brin-ed.) for a long time," said Schmidt.

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