Monday, April 4, 2011

Google dims in China

A year after the chaotic matter with the Chinese government's censorship policy, Google said its business with the advertisers in the country's bamboo curtain continues to grow in spite of its search engine market share plummeted.

It's very strange if Google's main business in China is advertising, given outside of China, this company is the king of search engines. But in reality, prestige of the Google search engine in China increasingly dim.

One of the major portals in China even has just announced it no longer uses the Google search engine that makes Google's market share decline.

Google's image was at stake in this country. There are a lot of controversy that makes Google's relationship with the Chinese government increasingly tense.

Analysts said that without the support of local companies, Google will lag further and further from Baidu, the local search engine that became rivals. In addition, the more difficult for Google to partner with Chinese companies in various business fields.

"Local companies will think twice before they establish any business relationship with Google," said Edward Yu, analyst at research firm in Beijing, China, Analysys International.

Another problem facing Google is currently the shadow of 'expulsion' Maps and Gmailnya from China. It started when Google's Gmail and disrupt accuse China has not fulfilled the rules of the Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China to submit documents for an operating permit Mapsnya.

Google's search traffic in China is the final quarter of 2010 fell by 19.6 percent from the previous 30.9 percent in the first quarter. Conversely Baidu, reap the blessings of the collapse of Google's market share to rise to 75 percent.

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