Friday, March 18, 2011

Defeat Android browser 4g iPhone, Apple upset and protest

A test made ​​by company called Blaze Software makes Apple's hot. Because the browser speed test results between 4 and Android phones iPhone Nexus Nexus S S is said to produce a champion.

Blaze said, both phones is actually just as quick. But Android average of about a second faster in downloading web pages. As a result, when tested mengaskes about 1,000 websites, Nexus S open web pages 84% faster on the site. While the iPhone just four wins in 16% of the test object.

These results are not acceptable Apple Blaze tests that assess disability. Because, Blaze actually not directly use the Safari browser on iPhone 4 in testing. But they use the application itself, thereby not utilizing an existing feature in Safari for improving web performance.

"Although there is a fundamental flaw of this trial, they only found a difference of about a second in loading web pages," said Apple spokesperson, Trudy Muller, as quoted from Computerworld, Friday (03/18/2011).

Safari browser on IOS 4.3 does have some improvements. For example, the new Nitro engine to improve performance in running the JavaScript-based program. While the tests conducted via an embedded browser UIWebView Blaze, is said not to have additional features like in Safari.

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