Friday, March 18, 2011

Samsung Make 3D Glasses using Bluetooth

On the market share of three-dimensional (3D), where most consumers still thinking to buy it because the price is quite expensive, Samsung confidently introduce 3D product choices that are more expensive.

Samsung's attempt to create its own standards for his 3D TV series this year. South Korean company has developed technology in the 3D glasses in order to communicate with the TV. Yes, the type of glasses and the latest Samsung TV that uses Bluetooth signals.

Reported by TG Daily and quoted on Friday (18/03/2011), this Bluetooth presence, reportedly to minimize the risk of disruption of the 3D signal.

As is known, last year Samsung and other vendors stepped up to introduce 3D TV in the United States. 3D TV, still relies on infrared technology because it is cheaper.

But the shortcomings, the most often complained of the use of this technology that is a frequent TV device performance declined 3D signal. Samsung is currently moving into the leading vendors in the 3D TV market share, seems to attempt to answer this criticism by injecting Bluetooth on the glasses and his 3D TV.

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