Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan Student searching her family with you tube

Akiko vocabulary, a student in Japan, very worried about his family circumstances. Minamisanriku, a fishing village where the family lived, becoming one of the areas that were severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last week.

But there is always a middle road in difficult conditions. Through a video show on YouTube, Akiko can breathe easily knowing that their family members survived.

Reported CNN and quoted on Friday (03/18/2011), Akiko were undergoing studies at the University of California, Riverside, United States (U.S.), when natural disasters occur.

Because telephone communication is lost, Akiko seek all means to find out the state of his family. Most frustrating, after a disaster occurs Akiko never stop following the latest developments from various media, hoping to get information about his family.

Akiko was relieved after receiving an email from his brother who said he survived and took refuge in school buildings, but this girl is still worried because in addition to his sister, other family members are not known to exist.

Anxiety Akiko finally answered when a friend in Japan told there is a duration of 45 seconds YouTube video showing Akiko house became the only building left standing while the surrounding area devastated by the tsunami.

In the video, sister Akiko looked waving to the TV camera crew who recorded it. "We all survived," he said.

"I guess they do not survive. I cried for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday," he would not stop crying when interviewed.

He said repeatedly watched the video and watch it as long as he continued to cry with emotion. He estimates that, had watched the video at least 50 times in 24 hours.

Do not stop here, Akiko still worried about the health condition of his family and hope to soon get a message back from them.

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