Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cool, Game Play Music Use a real guitar - HOT NEWS

French game publisher, Ubisoft, immediately released a music game titled 'Rocksmith'. Fun, games are played with a motion controller in the form of a real electric guitar, cool!

Yes, Rocksmith may be a consolation game lovers of music after the 'departure' Guitar Hero. By including the electric guitar became a part of this game, Ubisoft looks very ambitious and want to provide fresh air for the game genre that is almost dying.

However, as reported by Techtree and quoted on Wednesday (16/03/2011), Ubisoft did not give detailed explanation about how to play this game. But a few photos in blogs and forum games began to cause a variety of speculation.

Reportedly, Ubisoft will soon release Rocksmith in the autumn of this year. Ubisoft is also promising songs available on Rocksmith will be exclusive and will not repeat the list of songs that never licensed to Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Well, curious? Just wait for the latest news from this game

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