Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Increase Security, Twitter with HTTPS

Twitter users can now use the HTTPS protocol when accessing Twitter. Twitter This option is given to users to enhance their security when surfing on the microblogging site.

Previously, Twitter has been offering secure version of its site with the address https: / / However, users can now request to add security features that by adjusting the 'setting'.

"This will increase the security of your account and provide better protection to all your information when using Twitter in an insecure Internet connection, for example using a public WiFi network. Here, the activity of internet users are very vulnerable 'staked out'," explained Manager of Communication Twitter, Carolyn Penner's blog Twitter.

Mentioned Penner, Twitter hope for the future HTTPS can be the default setting. Why not start from now? Penner did not explain about that.

Quoted from PC Pro, on Wednesday (16/03/2011), HTTPS itself has become the default settings on the login page when the user is using Twitter application on the iPhone and iPad.

But Penner warned, even though the user has selected the option 'always on HTTPS', this does not apply when users access them using a mobile browser or third-party application developers.

If users want to add this security feature, they must use https: / / up to Twitter to find new ways to enable active in the settings for desktop and mobile.

"When you use a third-party application developer, you should check whether the application is offering HTTPS or not," he added

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