Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Google make fly balloon, who Equipped with WiFi

Google balloon looked away from the sight. It was midway through the rows of mountains in New Zealand.

The balloon is equipped with a transmitter to deliver equivalent 3G internet. Expected later, the balloon can be used to make Internet access available in remote areas. 

A total of 30 balloons flown Google in this trial into space. Balloon project with Wi Fi access is named as a Loon Project.
Each balloon is equipped with solar panels brought under it. These panels provide adequate resources so that the balloon can still fly. 

So that the internet can be enjoyed by the user in the corners of the world, Google planning to make the access point transmits a signal that the Internet giant in the air. Consider trial balloon is advanced. 

The blimp reportedly will wear a special frequency that was well received to the ground. Through this infrastructure can create a Google memperikirakan 1 billion people online. 

Internet giants origin Mountain View, California is also central to the care of government licensing in some countries so they can air balloons taking off. 

The next trial will involve up to 300 balloons. Which will be conducted in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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Monday, December 17, 2012

Computers of the Future: Can Hear, See and Feel

Today, the personal computer (PC) and smart phones can do a lot to facilitate the work of man. In the future, the ability of both these tools will also rapidly growing.

Yes, the ability that has been owned by the current computer or gadget will be growing and changing in the next five years. Such prediction hardware companies from the United States (U.S.), IBM.

IBM said there will be five trends that will boom in the coming five years. The company celebrated the prediction is called '5 in 5 '.

Viewwit quoted from Mashable, Monday (17/12/2012), the computer will have additional capabilities, more 'humane', such as hearing, smell, see, touch and feel.

Fifth capabilities normally found in the human senses, mentioned by IBM, will be fused into one in the grand concept called cognitive computing.

For example, a computer realized will not see a painting just as a set of data points describing the stroke color, pigments and brushes, but will actually see the object in a holistic manner as a painting, and you know what that means.

"That way of thinking is different from computing," said Bernie Meyerson, IBM's vice president.

"You have to change the way we think about absorbing data. So that can not only take pictures and image files. You should treat the image as an entity at a very high rate, compared to a count of bits alone," he said.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Facebook Wants To Buy Microsoft Ad Technology

Facebook reportedly is negotiating with Microsoft. Both are touted to discuss the purchase of a number of Microsoft's advertising technology by Facebook.

Microsoft is getting this technology through the acquisition of aQuantive in 2007. Well, if this technology shift into the hands of Facebook, the social networking giant can display ads on other websites.

Obviously, this will help Facebook expand its advertising business, beyond its own web site. This information is reported by IT Pro and quoted VIEWWIT NEWS, Wednesday (12/12/2012).

The value of the acquisition is still unclear. However, Business Insider estimates that the value is in the range of USD 30 million. These estimates are based on the highest price ever achieved Microsoft when releasing its other technologies, Atlas.

Both Facebook and Microsoft declined to comment. Even so, there is no detailed information on this report.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Virtual Keyboard Not Dreams

VIEWWIT NEWS - VIRTUAL KEYBOARD NOT DREAMS ,Who says you can not use the iPhone as a laptop? Even more than that, you do not need to add additional accessories such as a physical keyboard, simply replace it with a keyboard than a perfunctory paper the 'virtual keyboard' can be used.

It seems impossible is realized by a computer science student in England. He uses the built-in accelerometer in the iPhone to measure vibration is then programmed in accordance with the key to the 'virtual keyboard'.

For example, if you put your iPhone on the table and pressed close range, it will register as single letters, as well as so on to register a different letter.

While still in prototype form, the virtual keyboard is able to type a sentence with an accuracy rate up to 80%. The drawback is located when users have tapped the keyboard of paper on the table to get a letter.

Floarian Kraeutli, the author admitted that require strong accelerometer. He also explained that the artificial virtual keyboard is proof of a concept that might just fiction. Similarly VIEWWIT NEWS quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (13/11/2012)

This is very interesting, let's see the video detail, the concept is applied in this technology is to use the existing vibration,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

ECS dustproof

Not only forward chipset and support for the latest technology, a motherboard made ​​by ECS also rely on a technology that makes it immune to dust grains.

Product is ECS A970-A DELUXE supports socket AM3 and AM3 AMD APU. This motherboard also supports Windows 8 promises full display thanks to a modern BIOS.

ECS A970M-A DELUXE assembled using the AMD 970 chipset that supports 8-channel audio output. Not to forget also the overclocking features are ready to pamper its users.

But most of all, this product proved to have a unique feature that they call Anti-Dust Shield Technology (ADS). This technology prevents dust nuisance on morherboard which usually makes the computer unstable.

For the long term, also accused of dust can disable the PC because of overheating, short-circuits and damage detection of graphics cards and memory.

A970M-A DELUXE also been certified as an ECS motherboard Nonstop Technology created as a safety. Its features include gold-colored plate on the important parts, solid capacitors are 6 times more powerful, protection Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) for USB 3.0, USB 2.0, eSATA and LAN.

In a statement received VIEWWIT NEWS Friday (02/11/2012), A970M-A DELUXE made ​​in the ATX form factor already has 2 PCIe x16 slots for CrossFireX, 2 PCIe Gen2 x1 slots and PCI slots for other cards.

This motherboard also supports up to 32 GB of DDR3 memory that can be installed in 4 DIMM with a maximum speed of 1866 MHz standard, or up to 2133 MHz in-time overclocking. There is a connection 5 SATA 6 Gb / s for high-speed disk drives and other storage devices.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ease of SEO at

Image from

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Windows 8 Hard Hijacked? report from singapore

Windows 8 Hard Hijacked? report from singapore

VIEWWIT NEWS - SINGAPORE It is no secret that Microsoft Windows often drop in to the hands of pirates shortly after the operating system was launched. And what about Windows 8? Windows 8 does offer a lot of changes from the previous generation, especially from the view that claimed more dynamic and unsightly. Besides the operating system has better performance when compared to Windows 7. Likewise, in terms of security. Microsoft claims that Windows 8 was hijacked harder than any version of Windows, it is because the operating system has a different authentication method. "Windows 8 is more secure, because the program will detect the BIOS on the computer used, so it can not be used on another computer," said Andreas Diantoro, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia. Andreas also explain if there are users try to use Windows 8 illegal, then every 3 hours will pop up a warning that asks the user to do the activation. "That's because the BIOS and the system does not match," said the friendly man, Loola's at Esplanade, Singapore. Then what is true of Windows 8 is immune hijacked? Unfortunately, Microsoft did not guarantee it 100%. They do not close your eyes if the hijackers had a myriad of ways to perform the action. "It's a new system, we'll see about 2-3 months after launch," added Andrew. 

Apple boss Sure, iPad Mini Not 'Cannibalization brother'

The presence of several analysts predicted the iPad Mini will be the 'cannibal' for the iPad version of the other. But opinions vary leveled Apple CEO Tim Cook, who believes tablet 7 inch version does not 'eat his own brother. " "Apple has learned to not worry about cannibalization of our own products," said Cook, as VIEWWIT NEWS quoted from Apple Insider, Friday (10/26/2012). Cook said that Apple actually did not really have the old product. So when announcing fourth-generation iPad, the product was completely new. "The way we look at this way, we provide a fantastic iPod Touch, we offer something extraordinary fourth-generation iPad, the iPad Mini and iPad 2. Customers who will decide which one they liked (iPad) second, third or fourth it will buy, "said Cook. Moreover, other strategies that do Apple usually stop production of the two previous versions of the newest devices are launched. This is what happens on the iPhone 4 was launched in 2010. "We have learned over the years not to worry about cannibalization of our own products.'s Much better for us to do that than others to do so," he said.

New Facebook Interface

Now on viewwit news ,  in 26 September 2012 facebook has changed the new interface facebook main page changed drastically, looks more clean and relaxing.
but whether it has a purpose for all things. various features and the real. but unfortunately the privacy of the users is becoming something that can be said is not guaranteed.

viewwit news update

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

6 leaked future technology google

Google is best known as a popular online search engine. But giant companies from the United States is not only acting in the sector. Yes, Google's many other projects. To be sure, almost all related to high technology and may be launched sometime in the future. Any future technology being developed by Google? Here's the list as quoted VIEWWIT NEWS of the CIO.

  1. Smart House 

    Currently, the plural is used as the Android operating system smartphones and tablet computers. But in the future, I have a vision of Android will be the OS in home appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines may also.

    The vision was never disclosed Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt in the event the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2012. With Android, household devices can communicate with each other.

    The device can also do things to the user. Everything is pretty controlled with Android smartphones. "There are companies that use Android in the refrigerator. Indeed refrigerator also need automation," said Schmidt.

    "When you walk into the house with your Android device, all things will adjust themselves according to what you need. Currently walked into the living room, the television can recognize you there," he added.

    2. Google Robot

    Google reportedly had a secret division called Google X. The lab is not exactly known location was a secret project to develop a variety of Google, including robots.

    Media reports in the New York Times reported that Google developed a robot that will have a variety of functions. Especially for activities at home or office.

    In the future, Google made ​​robot can serve to present the possibilities of coffee or tea at home. It may also represent the users come to the meeting.


    Vehicle sector became Google's claim. Google has modified a Toyota Prius can run automatically without driver assistance.
  2. This car uses sensors and video cameras to detect traffic, including congestion, a short way from point to point on the map.
    Automatic control device to offer Google actually been introduced since October 2010, but are still in the process of perfecting the product can be used by the public.
    The system is claimed to be driving such as reducing the number of accidents caused by negligence of the driver. 
    During this time, flew into space rockets still need help. But I believe that in the future, just needed help lift that rose up into the sky.

    Yes, some companies including Google is interested in developing a sophisticated infrastructure, which headed into space no longer needed the rocket.

    Space elevator project is reportedly being developed in the laboratory of Google X. It is estimated, another decade has come true.
    Google even invest also in the field of medicine. Yes, they have a stake in several drug companies.

    For example, in Adimab and iPierian. The company has developed a variety of new treatment methods to combat disease more quickly.

    Google is also investing in cancer treatment. They menggelontokan money on foundation Foundation Medicine working in the field of cancer treatment.
    Google has introduced advanced nan futuristic sunglasses. Glasses are referred to as Project or Google Glass Glass brings a pretty amazing computational capabilities.

    Controlled by voice, Google goggles can be used to perform an online search, email and navigation directions. Even can also be used for video chat.

    Glasses based augmented reality technology can display a variety of information such as indicating where the user's location and weather conditions. Users can also locate other users with the Google Latitude system.

    Google has a lot of showing off the ability of glasses. It will probably be sold in bulk soon.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012


viewwit news Lawsuit accuses Apple tablet Samsung mimic the iPad, not proven in the UK. Apple was ordered to apologize and called the Samsung tablet no trace on his website and several local newspapers. British appeals court has rejected Apple's request to review the decision. As a result, Apple must be willing to implement the sanctions in the form of an apology to the Samsung which is his nemesis. Several conditions must be implemented by Apple. Among other things, the judge asked for an apology letter type Arial. Then the font size at least 14 or more. Apple is clearly not happy with the sanctions that happened. "The order is the same Apple will publish advertisements for Samsung," said Richard HACON, one of Apple's lawyers. "No company is happy to call a rival in its own Web site," he added a quotation from Tech2 VIEWWIT NEWS, Sunday (10/21/2012). Apple previously won in a U.S. court that forced Samsung to pay $ 1 billion because it violates some patents Apple. However, in some other countries, Apple's turn defeat.