Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here's How to donate for the Japanese Game Developers

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan invites a sense of sympathy from many quarters, including the actors in the gaming industry that has its own way of expressing his concern.

CCP Games is making such a program in Eve Online to invite gamers donating. How, the players were invited to provide Pilots License Extension (Plex) hers. These items can plan would be cashed and given to the red cross disaster penanggulan in Japan.

There is another Zynga, which calls upon the players and CityVille Farmville on up, to buy some items in the game, and all proceeds will be donated.

Quoted from 1up, Wednesday (03/16/2011), then applying a discount for Capcom's Street Fighter IV game on the iPhone. Just like Zynga, all sales proceeds will also be donated.

In addition, there are still some other game players in the industry who perform similar steps, including Sega who will donate the proceeds of Football Manager. Then Mastiff who promised to give $ 100 for every 100 'thumbs up' on their Facebook Fans Page.

Natural disasters that befell the State Sakura does have an impact great enough for the gaming industry. Evidence, some major publishers to delay even cancel the launch of their game.

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