Friday, March 18, 2011

Disappointed With WP7, Microsoft Calling UK Developer

A British developer was disappointed to Phone Windows 7 (WP7). He was acting up. As a result Microsoft was calling him.

The name is Danny Tuppeny developers. In an article on his blog, he poured out his heart about his disappointment to Microsoft.

"I have been waiting for WP 7 for 10 years. This is in earnest. See what I got," he said on his blog that quoted on Friday (03/18/2011).

Danny's first disappointment was when Microsoft launched the Zune. Well, in the UK launch of the Zune may seem too late and put off by Microsoft UK. And in the end Microsoft is closing the Zune hardware and concentrated into software.

It seems to happen again with the incomplete WP7 platform, with the issue of 'copy-paste' and multitasking. Update of the middle-awaited users and developers also did not come. "Sadly the update was delayed and delayed," he added on the blog.

Danny regrets when all the people amazed at WP7 products, all vying developers create applications in the Marketplace, Microsoft justu slow in responding to this issue.

Responding to the posting developers 'eat ati', Ben Lower as Senior Product Manager of Microsoft's Platforms & Ecosystem UK call. They then meet to talk. Microsoft tried menanangkan Danny, saying WP7 will present updates in the near future. Just wait.

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