Thursday, March 17, 2011

IE 9, More Neat and Fast

Microsoft officially released the final version of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), the newest Internet browser, with a number of advantages. Some analysts said, IE 9 is a huge leap forward than previous IE versions.

Waiting two years of IE 8 came to an end already. Some new breakthroughs made Microsoft to maintain its market share. Among them by presenting the performance and speed much better. One more, when tested detikINET, IE 9 also appear more presentable. No less than Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox 4. 

IE9 More Clean and Tidy

In the initial view, IE9 little like Google Chrome or Opera with initial tabs had. Also IE9 also equipped the new download manager.

Unlike most previous version which is full of options, IE9 look cleaner now. This is because the URL field is parallel to the browser tab. In addition, a new notification IE9 that appears at the bottom of the browser.

Just like Google Chrome, users can also directly perform a search on the URL column when the toolbar Bing IE9 lit. If you get bored, the toolbar can be replaced with other search sites like Google, for example.

According detikINET, Brower main interface is considered far more simple. IE9 also supports HTML 5 and be able to maximize the graphics card to handle the animation or image heavy. Yes, he was able to make the graphics card in the PC graphics rendering and animation more quickly. Here are the results of tests SVG graphics rendering performance. The average rate is stable at 59-60 fps.

When compared to IE8 or Firefox 3.6, IE9 indeed 'run' faster. Based on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test, Microsoft's latest browser is running about six times faster than rival Firefox 3.6. Perhaps the prospective challengers are comparable to Firefox 4.0 that shortly present the final version.

Users also were treated to the latest security features with the Active X-filtering which can be disabled. IE9 also has a feature that will warn users if the load the add-ons to slow browsing speed. Some other browsers like Firefox have not developed further features like this.

IE9 integrated with Windows 7

For users of Windows 7, IE9 a great couple. Because some features IE9 is designed for the use of Windows 7, such as features such as aero peek.

When IE9 installed on the Windows 7 taskbar, simply right-click the user can instantly access their favorite sites, nor do In Private browsing.

Not only that, IE9 still has another feature called One Box. Just like Google Chrome, with this feature IE9 users can perform a search or browsing in one bar.

By default, Bing IE9 using search engines. But users still can replace it with another search site.

More Safe by Tracking Protection

Microsoft added a new weapon in the Internet Explorer browser 9 (IE9) named Tracking Protection. This feature offers greater security filter on the user, without the worry of their personal data being tracked.

With these features, users can perform filtering certain pages on the web site that may have data privacy are important. According to Petter Cullen as Chief Privacy Strategist Microsoft, consumers are now faced with the need of privacy, related to information they access.

The latest generation of IE9 would be more concerned about privacy issues of information as above. With the 'Tracking Protection', users can manage information on sites that are accessible by more secure.

IE9 can be downloaded through the site beautyoftheweb. Unfortunately, IE9 only available for the operating system Windows Vista and Windows 7 just so users of Windows XP in countless numbers, to bite the fingers.

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