Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Earthquake increase Downloads Applications' Disaster

Various mobile application that helps disaster-selling download on iTunes. Since the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, free applications such as reference drugs, or navigation and transport the nearest medical assistance rule list downloads in Apple's application store.

For example, 'Medical Encyclopedia for Home Use', which lets users know the specific ailments by recognizing the symptoms and give first aid. This application could be in the order number one for four consecutive days.

Quoted by Bloomberg, on Thursday (03/17/2011), these data obtained from research company selling software for the iPhone, based in London, named PositionApp.

In addition, there is also 'Yurekuru Call for iPhone', which allows users to receive notification in the event of an earthquake. This application is experiencing very rapid increase in the number of downloads. From before the earthquake is in the order to 94, after the quake rose to its ranking in the number two position.

Other applications, 'Flashlight-4', an application that utilizes the iPhone screen becomes a source of light to dark conditions the total, jumped into the sequence of 3 of the previous serial number 65.

After that, a Twitter-client for enabling users to follow tweets about the current state of rail transport conditions, entrenched in the position of number four. And in order to-5, there is a 'Disaster Message Board', an application to find the nearest hospital or supermarket

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