Thursday, March 17, 2011

Downloaded IE9 2.35 Million Times In 24 Hours

Microsoft score achievement which was quite encouraging in the premiere Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). Within 24 hours, these newer browsers listed has already been downloaded as many as 2.35 million times.

Indeed, this result is still far less than record ever achieved by Mozilla, that is downloaded to 8 million times in 24 hours in 2008 and when released Firefox 3.

Even so, the result is enough to make the team Microsoft sumringah. The reason is, quoted from the Washington Post, Thursday (17/03/2011), IE9 final release of the newly launched two days ago was able mengenjot twice weekly activity than IE9 beta version and four-fold when compared to the RC version.

IE9 regarded as a huge leap forward than previous IE versions. Brower main interface is considered far more simple, IE 9 also supports HTML 5 and be able to maximize the graphics card to handle the animation or image heavy.

"IE 9 is the first browser to take full advantage of not only the CPU but the GPU (graphics processing unit)," Ari Bixhorn claims from Microsoft.

IE 9 can be downloaded through the site beautyoftheweb. Unfortunately, IE 9 is only available for the operating system Windows Vista and Windows 7 just so users of Windows XP have to bite the fingers. Though still a lot of XP users counted.

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