Thursday, March 17, 2011

Waiting 'battle' Firefox 4 vs Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) official sauntered a few days ago and scored 2.35 million times weekly in his first appearance. As if did not want IE9 kept running off, Mozilla also has determined the birthday of its flagship browser, Firefox 4.

It is dated March 22, 2011 is selected as the day of arrival Mozilla browser's 'fox fire' version tergress it.

"Firefox RC1 has been received warmly by the public. Now it is time to determine the time of launch. No more negative issues that can now stop the changes in RC1 a final version," said Damon Sicore, Senior Director of Platform Engineering Mozilla, quoted from PC World , on Thursday (17/03/2011).

"Firefox has scheduled a team meeting to determine when the day of the launch of Firefox 4. IT and marketing teams indicated March 22, to become today the launch of the final," added Sicore.

Of course the presence of Firefox 4 is so highly anticipated, especially after various tests that have been spent up to 12 serial beta, release candidate 1 version, and an additional 10 months workmanship.

Firefox 4 itself was originally planned to be released around October or November last year, but what power, the plan remained a plan. On the pretext was to develop new features and increased capacity, the arrival of Firefox 4 had to be postponed.

Noted, since the series presents its first beta in July 2010, Firefox 4 reportedly has more than 8,000 bug patch (crack).

Mozilla Firefox presence certainly was so hoping this 4 will increasingly raise prestige in the realm of the internet browser. Especially to win the battle with IE9 the newly released Microsoft. Even brand-new product is called a major upgrade to Mozilla.

In features, Firefox 4 will bring plug-in architecture called Jetpack, performance JavaScrpit increasingly speeding, and exceptional support for HTML5, including Google WebM HTML5 video formats. For the interface, Mozilla chose to do redesign and want to appear more minimalist.

Certainly, the rivalry between IE9 vs. Firefox 4 will be interesting to observe. Because, they said browsers are equally represented in the modern era. About who will win?

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