Thursday, March 17, 2011

Microsoft Search Attention Samsung

Transition Nokia uses the Windows Phone 7 are estimated to be completed in 2013. But Microsoft reportedly is working together with other vendors, namely by looking for the attention of Samsung.

Rumours are spreading in some technology news. There was no smoke if there is no fire, this rumor grew from a recent job posting that appeared on page 'Microsoft Global Careers'.

Quoted from San Francisco Gate, on Thursday (17/03/2011), the detailed job vacancy, it is mentioned that Microsoft is looking for candidates who can create a virtual team to work with Samsung on all aspects of the strategy of Windows Phone them, ranging from hardware design to marketing to coordinate with telecom operators.

Very surprising actually aware of this vacancy, given Microsoft a big company would have a liaison with almost all companies that do business with him. And of course also has someone who handles Samsung before the launch of Windows Phone 7.

But in the last two months, Microsoft is having a difficult time when it will release Windows 7 Phone software updates and most of the less enjoyable for Samsung handsets. Microsoft can not do much to improve relations between them.

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