Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Windows 'Foam' 7 rival Green Icons Robot Android

Event South by Southwest (SXSW), the event was not just music and movies alone. Technology vendors too much acting in it. Like Microsoft with Windows 7 new icons.

It seems that Microsoft is stifling the success of Android with the iconic green robot. The popularity of green robot cute icons, makes a lot of people find these dolls Android icon. Some of them are users of the Android early.

As part of the campaign, the manufacturer of Windows 7 Phone that was introduced Windows 7 Phone icon that is named 'Windows Foam 7' to young people in the arena of SXSW.

These characters are original from Microsoft. The form is a Windows mobile phone which was given hands and feet. While on the screen there is the eye and smile circle.

Many parties directly criticize Microsoft icon that looks strange. Obviously, if compared to the green robot funny icons, Windows 7 looks more rigid foam. The name 'Windows Foam 7' seemed too forced for an icon that funny.

"Someone in Microsoft's marketing division immediately fired for this issue menyedihakan idea," said one commentator in the site phonearena

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