Saturday, April 2, 2011

Microsoft Claims Internet Explorer 9 Success

Browsers Internet Explorer 9 has just been released by Microsoft and claimed considerable success. One of the indications, internet explorer is currently installed at 3.6% a computer running Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7.

As HOT NEWS TECHNOLOGY quoted from V3 , Saturday (04/02/2011), the figure is considered as a separate success by Microsoft. Therefore, the amount exceeds the initial performance of Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7.

"Just two weeks we release IE9 and within a short time has seen a positive reaction in the global sphere," claims Ryan Gavin, Senior Director of Internet Explorer Business and Marketing.

Gavin optimistic IE9 will continue to attract support. The data itself comes from Net Applications where the market share IE9 in Windows 7 to reach 3.6% by the end of March. This is five times higher compared to IE8 in the period of a month since its launch.

However, if viewed from the overall browser market in all operating systems, the market of all versions of Internet Explorer is still showing a decline. Although still dominate the market, IE in March got Raihan 55.9%, down 0.85% from the previous month.

Though the rival shows up trend. Google Chrome now has a 11.6% market share globally, a record high. While Firefox is also coming out the newest version, now has 21.8% market share. Then Safari achieve 6.6% market pie.

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