Friday, April 1, 2011

1 Million Page Website Attacked

More than one million web pages are reported to have become victims of cyber attacks dedemit. Actors inject programming codes and the site directs visitors to a site selling counterfeit software.

Security experts HOT NEWS quoted by Reuters on Saturday (04/02/2011), calls this attack as a 'mass injection', and recorded as the biggest attack ever for this version.

Websense, which detects the mass attack in the beginning of last week called this action as 'LizaMoon'.
Senior Manager Websense security research institution, Patrik Runald, said users will see that there has been redirected when they try to access sites that have been infected with it.

But so far, they are targeted by the attack reportedly still limited to small sites. Not found in popular sites owned by companies or governments that become victims.

Not explained clearly who the perpetrator or where it came from this attack, which would ultimately suspected arson-related money.

"Attacks like these will last a long time. Once they enter, it will stay with us. LizaMoon attacks will not be lost in one day,"added Runald.

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