Friday, April 1, 2011

enthusiasts Windows 7 Tablet Asus Still Lots

Although often seen as less suitable for use tablet computers, Windows 7 seems to remain attractive for Asus. The Taiwanese manufacturer confirms commitment to develop a tablet OS Windows 7 and believe it can still compete with Android and Apple the IOS on the iPad.

Julie Cheng as the Product Management Specialist Asus claims that his company found it quite a lot of people do not want Apple or Android. Therefore, while there is still demand, Asus is still going to make a tablet of Windows 7.

"We make a tablet of Windows 7 because we still got a lot of input from the corporate and end user who usually uses Windows. They do not want to Android and Apple because they only want Windows," Cheng said, as quoted HOT NEWS TECHNOLOGY from TechRadar , Friday (1 / 4 / 2011).

Asus itself has introduced a Windows-based tablet 7, Eee Slate EP121. Specifications are indeed tough, with Intel Core i5-470UM CPU and 4GB RAM. Clearly, these tablets are not intended for all segments because the price may be quite expensive.

In addition to tablets Windows 7, Asus also has a tablet-based Android. They have announced the availability of Eee Pad Transformer recently.

"Currently, each person focus to Android so that we believe Android sales increase. But we still want to have a Windows solution for those who could not use another OS. We do not expect Android sales of tablets, but we still want it in our product lineup, "said Cheng.

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