Friday, April 1, 2011

Samsung Starts Production of LCD Transparent

While most companies are still experimenting with a transparent LCD screen, Samsung seems to be more confident with the more advanced step, ie with mass-produce LCD transparent.

South Korean company, reported and quoted TechEye HOT NEWS TECHNOLOGY, Friday (04/01/2011), will be poured transparent 22-inch LCD lines in shades of black and white.

Several detailed product information can be viewed on the screen itself. Samsung LCD is provided only mentions 1680x1050 resolution and contrast ratio of 500:1.

Even so, not to mention the price is pegged mutakhirnya Samsung for this product. Like most other companies, the new Samsung will reveal the price and specification details if the product is ready to glide into the market.

Advantages, because it does not require a backlight, Samsung claims LCD transparent can be cheaper than LCD screens in general.

Analysts assess, transparent LCD technology sounds interesting. It is still difficult for some people to imagine how it is used on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

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