Thursday, March 31, 2011

Microsoft Protest Google Domination

Microsoft to increase competition in the search engine with Google. The company, based in Redmond, United States (U.S.), it filed a formal complaint to the European Commission, claiming that Google has been blocking competition in the Internet search.

Presumably Microsoft's take the example in the case had ever happened to him. As is known, Microsoft itself has confronted the issue of monopoly of the browser market in Europe because membundling Internet Explorer with Windows OS.

In a note to analysts, this is the first time Microsoft, that in fact the target of action of anti-competition issues in the U.S. and Europe, filed a complaint about competition issues.

In the complaint file, as reported by Reuters and cited hot news technology, Microsoft claims Google has deliberately made ​​the competition unfair running search engine.

"Google controls more than 90 percent of Internet search advertising market in Europe. While the search engine Bing, struggling to make a breakthrough to get into Google's market share controlled by it," wrote Microsoft.

Currently, Google was in the process of investigation by the European Commission. Investigations carried out after the three companies, one of which Microsoft filed the complaint. No mention two other companies.

Responding to this, Google is not trying to argue with Microsoft's claims. However, this search engine giant indicated it was not too concerned with the complaint.

"We were not surprised Microsoft did it, because one of its subsidiaries is one who complained about this," Google spokesman.

"Our part is to continue to discuss this case with the European Commission and we will gladly explain to anyone how the workings of our business,"he concluded.

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