Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sony NP appreciated Starts $ 250?

Sony plans to launch two models of the Next Generation Portable (NGP), a 3G version and a model that only uses the Wi-Fi. Well, according to results of a survey initiated by Ubisoft, the console is expected to sell starting at $ 250 for a version of Wi-Fi and $ 350 for 3G.

If you view the results of the survey, estimated that many gamers who are more interested in the NGP Wi-Fi rather than 3G version is adrift at $ 100. But remember, prices are estimates only and has not been decided by Sony.

"Considering the various features, we always provide good value. We've learned a lot from the PS3," said Shuhei Yoshida, senior VP of product development, SCEI. When asked the price quoted NGP by 1up and hot news and hot issues on Thursday (03/17/2011).

Sony NGP is a handheld game console of the most anticipated. Availability and price of this product will reportedly be officially announced by Sony in the exhibition Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June 2011.

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