Sunday, March 20, 2011

3D Games, Good or Harmful for Eyes?

Nintendo was buffeted by rumors that Nintendo 3DS can cause stunted growth in children's eyes. Because, 3DS has a 3D image that caused the focus of attention left and right eyes are different, and this is considered less good for the growth of the child's eyes.

Now an American Optometric Association organization would say that 3DS is good for the eyes of a child over the age of seven years. Good in the sense can be an eye health check of children. But still be a problem when 3DS played children under seven years with a frequency that is too often.

Organization called the American Optometric Association says that children who can not see the 3D effect of the Nintendo console may actually exposed to amblyopia - a type of eye disease called 'lazy eye'.

"3DS can actually be a means of identification if a child under six years of suffering from eye disorders and need treatment," said Michael Duenas of these institutions.

Duenas explained that 15 percent of children under the age of six years of sometimes does have eye disorders.

"Children who feel lazy and dizzy after playing 3DS should be examined,"
he explained to the team viewwit Hot new and hot issue

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