Sunday, March 20, 2011

Google also Wants led Steve Jobs

The founders of Google was secretly admiring the boss of Apple, Steve Jobs. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google founder duet, apparently first ever crave Jobs can lead the search engine company that pride.

At that time was in 2000. Google has just pursue a path in the online industry and backed by the financier. Well, they feel Google needs to lead by someone more experienced than just relying on Brin and Page.

Several candidates were interviewed as a candidate for targeted and CEO of Google, such as Andrew Grove to Jeff Bezos, Amazon dedengkot. But it turns out, as reported by the Geek and quoted on Sunday (20/03/2011), there is only one figure at the head of Brin and Page, who else if not Steve Jobs.

But unfortunately, Jobs was then being fully concentrate on Apple and busy developing the first generation iPod. So it is almost impossible Jobs pulled the lead of Google and finally did, it never happened. Brin and Page had to find someone else.

Choice ultimately fell on Eric Schmidt, Google CEO who didapuk in 2001. Google's Schmidt menahkodai counted a success which is now a global Internet giant. Until recently, Schmidt's position was replaced by Larry Page.

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