Sunday, March 20, 2011

Serious competitors and will beat facebook

Occurrences give new nuances for lovers of social networking sites. Satatusbooks provide freedom and flexibility for its users in expressing the idea of ​​creativity as well to create a character profile of users.

Statusbooks supported with additional features that are not owned facebook. and a lot of facebook users also feel the privacy and security of his account can not be on hold again. every day there are thousands facebook affected by hacker attacks.

hopefully for the social networking site is more secure and free from hacker attacks. in using statusbooks also very easy. enough to register without having to confirm to e-mail security. and then in the statusbooks we can delete your account permanently without a trace if they do not want to use it again. woow course I also have tried. anytime you want to try it ...????

If you are interested and feel proud to have the next generation of sophisticated Indonesia immediately join it HERE good luck ...

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