Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nokia start working for the first windows phone

It seems that Nokia did not want to linger in preparing for the Windows mobile Phone 7 (WP7) them. The CEO Stephen Elop was explained, the current Nokia handsets start working on their first Windows phone.

As quoted on Saturday (03/19/2011), Elop told Reuters regarding the commencement of the project are Nokia with Microsoft.

"We are currently working on Windows Phone first handset from Nokia," he said. This news is not too surprising. The reason Nokia did mamatok WP7 target that the phone they already circulating in the market next year.

The agreement between Nokia and Microsoft are lasted five years. On the one hand Micosoft really looking for hardware that is quite capable partner, while Nokia is maintaining its market which has declined, undermined Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

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