Monday, July 11, 2011

Google +, Ambitious Project The Giant

The search engine giant in the virtual world, Google Inc., has finally released a gigantic social networking project called Google + 28 June.

Developed with the project name "Emerald Sea", this secret project itself takes one more year and led by Google's Senior VP of Social, Vic Gundotra and Google VP Product of Google Apps, Bradley Horowitz and estimated to cost around 585 million dollars.

Google prefers to call Google + (abbreviated as "G +") as a project than as a product, application or strategy. According to both executives, the reason is that G + is an expansion of Google's own Google and services in the future will always be integrated to G +.

In the early stages, the project is still in version "field trial" can only be enjoyed by a limited circle who received an invitation from Google where users can send invitations to some candidate other users via email.

Horowitz asserts that this version is intended to test the G + on the market and obtain more input from the users / public. In addition, Google is likely to open and close the invitation and login access to G + at any given time.


Google's lunge in the realm of social media has actually started when Google Wave, Orkut and Google Buzz launched a few years ago. Only three did not get a reaction and a positive and encouraging remarks on the market. On the other hand, the launch of the project was welcomed by the majority Googlist totaling about 300 million more users.

The next few weeks, is associated with other Google services platform that is blogging service and Picasa photo service will soon be integrated with G +. Indirectly, the consequence is that both services will be renamed Google Blogs and Google Photos.

Inevitably, with the presence of G +, the atmosphere of competition for the realm of social networking is becoming increasingly warm. This week Facebook launched in cooperation with Skype video chat feature so that 750 million users around the world can do video chat either one-to-one or in groups. This feature is sometimes a "response" up top features Hangouts in G +.

Nevertheless, Google's Eric Schmidt as Executive Chairman, stated that Google would try to continue to work with Facebook and Twitter, especially in terms of integration between social networking platform.

Reporting from Google's official blog site, the main reason underlying the birth of this project is that materially and substantially, existing social networking platform now makes a friendship becoming like fast food where the majority of users want to get a friend / many friends as possible so that sharing becomes a difficult and uncomfortable.

Intuitive Features

According to Google, social media should be more intuitive and offer convenience by connecting users to some other user at any given time, but users can still read the stream from all other users whenever they want it.

To accomplish this, the G + has a feature called "Circle". With Circle, users can group other users into one or several Circle. The basic grouping is a certain criteria such as interest, group, friendship, family, mailing lists, companies and others.

We will do post content, the user can choose whichever Circle will receive the content. Circle In addition, individual users can also be selected. The point is certain content for certain users.

Hope some users of the Circle is the authorization when they are added by other users in his Circle.

While we certainly will not receive stream, which is known as a feed on Facebook, from other users who are not in the circle unless we want it by using the feature "notifications".

If at Facebook us about the features of "Like" in the G + then there is a feature called "+1".

G + display interface itself is quite charming. Initial impression: "clean", minimalist and intuitive. Characterized by distinctive black toolbar at the top known as the "Sandbar", the toolbar brings together all the services offered by Google such as Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Photos, Reader, Web and other services. Centralization at the Sandbar is certainly easier for users to access the desired service.

If users want to interact with other users on the same interest, they can use the "Sparks". Groups can be created to classify users based on similar interests. Engine will convey information from various web sites in accordance with the desired interest and support more than 40 languages.

Another feature is the "Hangouts" which will be used for the teleconference. Users can do video chat with the plusser, as for the users of G +. Video chat can be done via a computer browser and use by up to 10 users at the same time.

Sharing information about the user location is possible by using the Location feature. Features integrated with the Google Maps service is optional so it can be activated or deactivated when users post content.

Privacy and Data Backup

In terms of privacy, users can control who can see her profile and her own profile, and streams and streams that can be displayed anywhere.

Google confirmed that they will not show the name of the Circle which is owned by its users even though the user is a member of one of the other user's Circle.

In this connection, a user who has just joined G + may need to change the notification settings. This setting is required to control the notification of what will be delivered to their email account. If not, your Gmail account users will be flooded by such notification.

Answering the needs of social networking users will need back-ups for all content that has been uploaded, Google provides Google services takeout to download all data and content, not only in G +, but also on other Google services like Google Profile, Picnik, Google Stream, Google Talk and Google Buzz.

When deciding to no longer be a user, profiles and all the content in G + can be deleted but users can still access Gmail and other Google services.

Google + Mobile

G + services can be enjoyed by users of Android by downloading the application on the Android Market. Android operating system that is required is at least version 1.5.

At the application facility provided group chat named "Huddle" is equipped with location tagging and upload photos.

In addition there are features of "Instant Upload" that allows you to upload photos mempecepat process after photos taken with mobile devices owned.

For users iDevices, be patient. G + applications for IOS will be launched in the near future. From recent information obtained, this application has been submitted to the AppStore to verify and obtain approval.

+ G mobile site at / app / plus can be accessed by users of mobile devices, handheld devices and smart phones with certain operating systems including Windows Mobile operating system and Symbian. For the IOS operating system needs at least version 3.x and for the minimum version of BlackBerry OS 6.0.


For those who are interested in using G +, can register on the website to obtain invitations G +. Condition is using a Gmail email account and is expected to be patient to wait.

For those who are already using, if you want to invite other colleagues to join, can use the link on the Send Invitations.

For users of earlier G +, if you (start) like this project?

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