Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AMD Graphics Card Strengthen Nintendo Wii U

Some time ago circulated leaked that the successor to the Nintendo Wii will use the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-based Radeon, and AMD is now starting to speak out about it.

Before the event was introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011, leaked specs are carried Wii U have been first circulated among gamers. One of them uses the graphics card has 512MB memory-based Radeon R700.

"AMD and Nintendo share their experience in bringing entertainment devices through the Wii console U. We are proud to strengthen its graphics card for the console to be launched 2012 that,"said Avid Wang, corporate vice president of Silicon Engineering, AMD.

Moreover, in a written statement received Viewwit on Wednesday (08/06/2011), AMD also asserts that the GPU used in the Wii GPU U is special design for the console is capable of displaying graphics optimally.
It is trying to prove with some title games 'heavyweight' welcoming the promised glide U. Nintendo Wii

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