Monday, April 16, 2012

Inhibition of Investigation, Google fined USD 25 thousand

Washington - Inhibition of Investigation, Google fined , Google eventually fined $ 25 thousand - about USD 228 million, by the telecommunications regulatory commission in the U.S. (Federal Communications Commission / FCC) as deemed to impede the investigation into the alleged theft of community data.

Data retrieval is done illegally Google Street View car when crossing areas of residential and business offices that have an open WiFi access networks.

Google Street View car itself is designed to take photographs of the existing road around the world for Google Maps database. Well, other than down the road from town to town, he said Google also collects other confidential information.

As quoted from the Washington Post, Tuesday (17/04/2012), Google copy valuable data that was encrypted one by one, from email, text messages, to search list what do local people.

The case has been ongoing since January 2008 until April 2010 was rebuffed Google as an accidental occurrence. This search engine giant also feel no wrong in the eyes of the law.

Google engineers are involved in this project also hide behind the fifth amendment in U.S. law regarding the right to remain silent when called upon by the FCC.

, Until now, the depth of any information that has been scraped out by Google from the local community is still blurry. Accused the FCC itself stated reasons Google is only a trick just to continue to impede the investigation

"For months, Google deliberately obstruct and delay the investigation by not responding to requests for information materials and provide evidence and verification of the responses that we ask," Even so the FCC wrote in his case report.

Alleged illegal practices of data theft is also a serious concern of the authorities in Canada and some countries in Europe, including France and the Netherlands.

Google itself posted revenue of USD 37 billion - approximately  in 2011 ago.

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