Monday, May 16, 2011

Attack Google, Microsoft Make Alliance with Baidu?

viewwit news online , Microsoft mobilize all resources and efforts to raise the prestige of Bing. After holding the Blackberry, Microsoft is rumored to be partnering with China's largest search site, Baidu.

Rumor is obtainable viewwit online news from Business Insider, Monday (16/05/2011). Reportedly the result of cooperation Bing-Baidu is soon be introduced next week.

As part of the agreement, Baidu will get a portion of paid advertisements in China Bing. While Microsoft gets traffic from Baidu's search results in English, which will be taken over Bing.

If the rumors are true, Bing will get the market share of big fish from Internet users in China, amounting to very large. Unfortunately there has been no confirmation from both parties concerning this agreement.

Still, with this step then Microsoft has followed a strategy of expanding market share outside Obviously this step is done for them to compete with the strongest competitor, Google.

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