Monday, May 16, 2011

Apple giving Free Service Japan Tsunami Victims

viewwit News Online, - Apple offers free repair service to users of Apple products in Japan who became victims of the earthquake and tsunami in March last. Apple hopes it can at least help a little to reduce the burden of the material losses suffered by the victim.

Quoted viewwit News from TechWorld, Tuesday (05/17/2011), Apple customers in the country that sakura are advised to contact the nearest Apple retail stores to directly confirm the delivery time gagdet damaged to be repaired. This process is much easier and faster, than if consumers must make an appointment through the Apple website as usual.

The repair time, Apple said, will vary according to demand. But Apple's disclaimer warns that this free offer can be withdrawn at any time, even before the deadline expired on June 30, 2011. For iPod, iPod touch that can only take advantage of this free service.

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