Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Microsoft plans to buy nokia division

Viewwit News Online -recently you may have heard the rumors in the region BlogSphere who said that Nokia would enter talks with Microsoft to sell its cell phone division.

These rumors first emerged from Eldar Murtazin famous blogger who has said that the Division of Nokia phones will be bought by Microsoft.

With the rapid spread rumors, Nokia has quickly made ​​a statement to stop the speculation, through Nokia Communications Director, Mark Squires has posted a short message on his twitter. "We usually do not comment on rumors. But we must say that the rumor Eldar are getting very inaccurate. "

According Murtazin, Nokia will start talks to sell their mobile division to Microsoft in a few weeks from now, but the negotiations are not made ​​public before the end of 2011, and "Both companies do that with great haste. "

Now that Eldar is right about today's news that Nokia has been shut down Ovi brand, but the rumors about the Division sells Nokia phones seem to be too excessive.

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