Monday, March 21, 2011

china confuse gmail

Gmail, Google's email service, it suddenly difficult to access in China. According to Google, the engineer has been investigating this issue and found no technical issues in Gmail. Google's Gmail also cast plagued by accusations that the Chinese government.

"There is no technical issue from our side, we have checked with extensively. This is a block of government that are carefully designed so that the problem seems to exist in Gmail," Google said in a statement.

Google spokesman explained, users in China reported frequently experienced problems when trying to access Gmail. This happened since the end of January. Users difficult to enter the Gmail homepage and send email. According to Google, blocking system is quite sophisticated.

Not just this time the internet giant is in trouble with the Chinese government. Last year, Google was forced to minimize its business operations in China for refusing to comply with the government to censor search results.

Quoted HOT NEWS AND HOT ISSUE of the Press Association on Monday (21/03/2011), China is very strict in controlling the Internet. Bamboo Curtain country governments do not hesitate to block the service popular sites like YouTube, Facebook to Twitter

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