Monday, March 21, 2011

Facebook Acquisition Company Israel

Facebook has a new step in developing social networking features. Start-up company from Israel - API - the acquired company's head Mark Zuckerberg.

API is a Java-based mobile applications are quite famous in some mobile platforms. API has a service for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social networking service. API began his career in 2007, and received an injection of funding from Sequoia Capital and Caramel Ventures.

As a result, users who have phones jadoel still able to interact more efficiently through this application. This is what makes web accessible to millions of people.

As quoted HOT NEWS AND HOT ISSUE of Mahsable, Monday (21/03/2011), up to acquire API as part of their phone features later. Acquisition value of about USD 70 Million.

One reason for this acquisition is a web technology that works on more than 2,500 different mobile devices. This certainly can increase the user market up to the world.

"Join up for us will make a greater impact on the world," wrote the statement on the web blog.

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