Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Like IE9, Firefox 4 on Windows XP Could Road

Competition between Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 finally begins. Both offer new features and speed the process of promising, but one thing that is so distinctive IE9 can not run on Windows XP, while Firefox 4 can!

This is what may be a significant difference between the two. Thus, XP users - some of which rely on computer 'jadoel' - can still enjoy the ability to browser the latest version of fire fox.

On the other hand, Microsoft is unfortunate because the less accommodating many XP users who incidentally is also the product that the software giant was born. Moreover, the number of XP users still believed among many home computer users to corporate.

However, it seems, Microsoft expects XP users can migrate to Windows Vista or 7 if you want to try IE9 capabilities.

Quoted from News Factor, Tuesday (03/22/2011), Firefox 4 has support hardware acceleration in Vista and 7 by relying Direct2D and Direct3D APIs. While XP does not support Direct2D, but Firefox uses Direcr3D in XP to accommodate the partial acceleration in Firefox 4.

Jonathan Nightingale, from the Mozilla Foundation said that the new JavaScript engine in Firefox 4 six times faster than firefox previous series. He also refers to the new version streamlined user interface that is claimed to save more space.

Improving the ability of others in Firefox 4 is related to support for HTML 5 and CSS improved so that more complex web pages look more beautiful. The addition of HD video support enables WebM witnessed through the browser window.

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