Monday, March 21, 2011

U.S. Close Billions of Spam Spreader

Government of the United States (U.S.) in collaboration with Microsoft claims to have shut down the source of junk mail or spam in the world. Virus infected a computer network (botnet) international scale, the known highly productive spread spam to computer users around the world.

Rustock botnet, the source of spam, known to have many years of producing billions of junk emails every day. The email content is usually in the form of illegal pharmaceutical ads and medicine men strong.

Reported by the Telegraph and quoted on Tuesday (22/03/2011), earlier this week, computer and internet security firm reports that the email traffic from Rustock actually fallen.

This is reportedly unprecedented. An other report from computer security firm SecureWorks released Febarurari 2011 mentions that Rustock is the world's largest source of spam.

In suppressing the action of this spam, Microsoft for the support of the U.S. government confiscated all the servers are estimated to have been secretly controlling the millions of Windows PCs to spread spam.

"We feel it is 100 percent effective," said Microsoft Senior Lawyers Division of the Digital Crimes, Richard Boscovich.

The criminals behind the spread of spam is called by Microsoft in its legal claim as 'John Does 1-11'.

In order to obtain a court order that gives the power to 'chop off' botnet spammers, and Microsoft filed the charge that 'John Does' has violated the trademark on some of the spam distributed.

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