Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Illegal Collection Data, police raided Google's office

On viewwit News online,- Google's office in Seoul, South Korea, was raided by local police. Apparatus unit suggests Google's mobile advertising AdMob smartphone user location data collected illegally.

Authorities believe Google collects information about a user's location without the approval authority. It is feared could jeopardize the privacy and security of users.

"We suspect AdMob collect personal location information without the consent of the Korean Communication Commission," said South Korean police, quoted viewwit from the BBC, Tuesday (03/05/2011).

In this raid, officers seized several items for purposes of investigation. Such as hard drives and computer data relating to the AdMob platform Google.

Not just this time South Korean authorities questioned lunge kick Google in that country. Last January, South Korean police are also assessing Google's local telecommunications unlawful because collecting personal data from a WiFi network for mapping services.

And not just in South Korea alone. In the United States, Google and Apple also targeted related to their treatment in the use and protection of personal data users of smartphones, especially where the location of the user is located.

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