Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Ambition of Nvidia

As a manufacturer of graphics cards, Nvidia has triumphed not only satisfied in the realm of computers. Taiwanese manufacturer is also the ambition to master all the devices that have screens, including televisions.

Nvidia has indeed carved a long history of technological Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) on your computer, and now they began to expand into the area of ​​handheld devices starting with the presence of Nvidia's Tegra chipset.

Nvidia serious effort to work on any market smarphone evidenced by continuing to develop their technology, after just merged with Nvidia Tegra 2 is now ready to release their most annyar chipset, Kal-el.

"Kal-el is a breakthrough in mobile devices technologist, has a quadcore cpu chips, 12 cores Nvidia GPU and its performance is 5X faster than Tegra 2," explained Jeff Yan, Senior Technical Manager Marketting Nvidia APAC.

Nvidia Tegra 2 itself claimed to be very successful in the market. According to Nvidia, marketed since January 2011 up to now the chip is already dikapalan as many as 10 million units.

Well, not quite satisfied there. Nvidia too ambitious to deliver its products on an electronic device that has a screen.

"We are a visual, and in the future we want all the devices have a display using Nvidia, including television," said Yan

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