Monday, July 25, 2011

Hacker in action in battery macbook

A security flaw was found again in Apple's product. This gap makes hackers are able to spend a laptop battery, infecting them with malware and also can cause the battery to overheat.

The vulnerability discovered by security researcher named Charlie Miller, as quoted viewwit from Forbes, Monday (07/25/2011). Miller says that will be able to manipulate the chip is inserted into the battery Apple. This chip can monitor and regulate temperature and battery charging level even though the computer is off.

These chips can be controlled by a hacker through a password that is found Miller on the site creator is the Texas Instrument chip. Miller himself said that Apple never change their password so the hackers can launch the action. The discovery was found by Miller after he examined a number of series ie Macbook Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.

That way, the hacker has full access to the battery. For example, hackers could inject malware into the battery and not be detected by anti-virus software because it will not appear on the hard drive. In fact, this malware can attack the operating system batteries repeatedly even after the user installed a new hard drive.

This vulnerability is not the first time that happened to Apple's products. Previously, the IOS operating system also found a bug that could put criminals to take over access to the device iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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