Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facebook Want to search Advantages of Mobile Browser

Facebook is currently being discussed so that developers could sell a variety of virtual objects in a mobile web browser. This is part of efforts to generate more revenue from smartphones and tablets.

According to Facebook's internal source who declined to be named, if realized, this change allows developers to use the 'currency' Facebook called Credits, in mobile applications that are accessed through the web.

Quoted viewwit from PC World, on Wednesday (27/07/2011), it also means that Facebook could reap about 30 percent of the profits generated from sales of virtual objects. Today, such a commission is usually fixed on Apple or Google because they run the operating system (OS) for mobile phones.

Another note, this discussion is also part of Facebook's effort to renew its mobile strategy, helping the site owned by Mark Zuckerberg is taking advantage of the shift to smartphones and applications.

During this time, the developers of Facebook applications have benefited when users purchase virtual items in their program. For example, horse pony in Farmville Zynga games. When the user makes a purchase using Facebook on computers, Facebook benefit. But if these transactions occurred in the application made ​​phone Apple or Google, Facebook does not share.

But when asked the details of this Credit mobile plan, a company based in Palo Alto, California, United States declined comment.

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