Monday, May 23, 2011

Google Buy Patent Vendor Mini Phone from Israel

Google was willing to spend USD 4.9 million in the week by having tens of patents owned by MODU, mini mobile phone maker company from Israel that have been bankrupt. What Google bought up patent considerations MODU?

MODU name alone may not yet known. However true, this company had received attention when showing off a tiny cell phone in the event besutannya Mobile World Congress in February 2008.

At that time, the founder of the MODU, Dev Moran, joked that the MODU could beat Nokia. He even made ​​a joke by saying, that can be done Nokia is going to church, pray, and slammed a tedious Nokia booth.

What he says that the prestige Nokia declined, it could be some truth. But it was not because MODU, but because of the presence of Apple and Android handsets. While the mini phone MODU own pride, in fact never appeared and made ​​a breakthrough like that diumbar Moran. And MODU eventually bankrupt this year.

Well, when Google bought his patent, this certainly is something that is interesting, given Google's increasingly vigorous penetration in the mobile realm. Reported by the San Francisco Gate and quoted viewwit on Monday (5/23/2011), analysts predict, could be a patent that bought this to further strengthen the Android.

Speculation began to emerge. With patent buy MODU, would Google's Android phones present a mini-sized? Or is it that these patents could help Google's efforts to convince the developers to build more peripherals Android?.

Google does not answer all these allegations. But apparently, the internet giant is trying to build its patent portfolio to protect the claim against Apple, Microsoft and other companies that are plaguing him in the realm of mobile.

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