Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Work For Google

On Viewwit News Online ,Google is a search engine's Leading On world. A variety of products and facilities are provided by Google in the Internet world. Including this Blogger, Blogger where I pour all the ideas and inspiration. So many facilities provided by google, I am very happy to use it. Starting from the search engine, Gmail, Blogger, Google's webmaster tools, Google translate. Google Code, Chrome, and the facility has not google that I enjoy is goolge adsense. woow to that one is very difficult want. because require different terms and conditions. and is still an obstacle because my english Litle litle i-cans ..

Blogger is a google-owned media publication that is used almost all the people in the world .some information written by bloggers. bloggers have a tremendous facility, where I am free expretion in developing html and java script. However, it is very unfortunate if Blogger is used by people who are less responsible. such as displaying false information and fill out pornographic content is also using bloggers as media to pit between nation and state. also the issue of defamation.

It is unfortunate at all if the facilities provided by google cangging misused like that. I really hope it once and do not know when google has also machine tools and languages that smells detection slander and pornography., against other individuals as well as a variety of content that contains moral destruction that is not feasible consumption by the world community. for the machine to automatically block sites that Google misappropriated facilities. woow me very happy if google had to have it ..

i always wait the new google product, i proud to use goolge tools

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