Monday, May 23, 2011

Microsoft will retire Windows Mobile Soon

Windows Mobile has become the pride of Microsoft's operating system in the realm of smartphones. But the arrival of Windows Phone 7 (WP 7) to make Windows Mobile more marginalized and is now close to 'death'.

Microsoft says it supports Windows Mobile 6.x will end up starting July 15, 2011. As an impact, Microsoft will no longer accept new applications or application updates since that date.

Developers will no longer work especial application in Windows Mobile, either prices or other information. While consumers can still download or buy the application from the Marketplace.

Quoted from TechRadar Viewwit, Monday (24/05/2011), Microsoft's decision was reportedly made ​​some developers enraged. They feel abandoned by Microsoft, as well as consumers.

"The most annoying is the way they dropped the consumers who buy this software. I do not imagine people will buy anything from 6.5 marketplace, if they know what happened," said Anthony Wieser Wieser of Software LTD.

But does the presence of WP 7, Microsoft intends to drive consumers to this new OS. So, goodbye Windows Mobile!

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