Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jobs 'Ambassador' Facebook Opened

Attendance Facebook that spreads throughout the world make the site manager wants a good relationship with the government. Site made ​​by Mark Zuckerberg is its employment with such a position as ambassador Facebook.

Quoted viewwit Online news from TGDaily, Tuesday (05/24/2011), Facebook will place 'ambassador' in various parts of the world, from Britain, the Middle East and Europe. The task to be the main liaison between the Facebook with the local government.

Facebook will assign applicants who elect to establish relationships with authorities, politicians and various organizations. They also will oversee the local regulations that may impact on the operational Facebook, until to the lobby.

"Since Facebook has become part of daily life of hundreds of millions of people around the world, holder of the policy in some countries would like to speak with us and we also want to talk to them,"the statement Facebook.

"Applicants who are selected will become part of a team that will handle a number of public policy challenges, including privacy, freedom of expression, and so on," added Facebook.

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