Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Facebook Ready to Build Headquarters Capacity 9400 People

Facebook rumored to be building a new larger headquarters. This was done to accommodate the thousands of employee social networking site that's growing bubble.

The plan's new headquarters (West Campus) will be located across the street from their headquarters in Menlo Park. Menlo Park area itself was once inhabited by Sun Microsystems and occupied the new Facebook recently.

Development 'second campus' it is a step that reflects the ambition Facebook foreseen in the next 5 years will have more than 9,000 employees. He will be one of the companies in Silicon Valley that houses employees in the amount of it.

Another detail about this building is that it will use an underground tunnel to connect it to the 'campus' first Menlo Park (East Campus).

Be the smallest building can accommodate 2800 workers, while the total overall building will take a land area of ​​422,000 square meters.

Facebook, as quoted Viewwit from the Mercury News on Tuesday (23/08/2011), did not start building until early 2013. "The design is ultimately still be finalized," said Slater Tow, a spokesman for Facebook.

Facebook itself true wants permission to build a campus that could be inhabited by 9400 employees. He will adopt a 'Google style' which is equipped with a café, open stadium, laundry service, a place to barbecue until the health facility.

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