Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Image Gallery On Twitter Add User Profiles

Do you have to post photos Twitter via a new photo upload feature or by using a photo sharing service like yFrog, TwitPic or Instagram? Now, users now do not have to bother anymore, because all the photos will appear on your Twitter profile in an image gallery.

Twitter has just introduced a user gallery, so it's called microblogging site. Introduced earlier this week, users gallery will automatically show the latest 100 images, divided by Twitter users of the service that supports the ability to share photos.

Reported by Mashable and quoted viewwit, Tuesday (08/23/2011), this gallery will live in the user profile and display some recent photos. Later, visitors or friends you may click 'view all' to see more pictures and tweet text that accompanies the picture.

This update shows the efforts to strengthen Twitter photo sharing feature on its website. As is known, after providing the ability to upload and share photos, Twitter is the next open API (Application Programming Interface) service upload his photos to a third party. It's a blow hard enough for service providers like TwitPic or the other.

With the presence of user galleries, Twitter profile appearance will change drastically. The gallery not only enrich the content of Twitter, but also showed that the microblogging giant is now not only a place-cuap bercuap 140 characters. This update is expected aims to encourage users to add more photos on their tweet.

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