Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Google Add Button Description Friends at +1

Google is constantly updating his various services. In adjacent time, the weather in Google Maps adds features, provide account verification celebrity on Google + and now, making the +1 to be more social with the explanation and description of users who click on the button.

"You may have seen the faces and names of users who click on +1 when you point the mouse pointer to the key +1," wrote Timothy Jordan Google Developer Advocate at Google in its news +.

Previously, the plus button only displays the name of the user who clicked the button +1. Changes that were introduced this past weekend to make any recommendation web pages - by clicking +1 - can be more clearly seen by your friends.

Viewwit Excerpted from Mashable, Tuesday (08/23/2011), when the user directs the mouse pointer to the key +1, an explanation will appear. And you can see not only pictures and names of friends who have clicked on a web page +1, but also their contacts.

The way this feature works just like the 'Like' Facebook mounted on a web page, which shows how much people liked it.

These changes may seem small, but makes the +1 becomes more attractive. This search engine giant will need to deploy efforts to compete with the 'Like' Facebook that has been used by millions worldwide web.

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