Monday, March 14, 2011

Newspapers Cartoons Malaysia Tsunami Japanese Problem, criticized Many Parties

Viewwit News Online - a Malaysian newspaper, Daily News, apologized for the loading of the tsunami-themed caricatures of Japan. Caricature on page 24 that rubric Variety protested many readers because it is not sensitive to the terrible tragedy that occurred last Friday.

The caricature, published in the daily edition of Sunday (13/03/2011) it describes the popular Japanese cartoon character, Ultraman, who tried to escape from the tsunami. This caricature of criticism from readers and politicians on Twitter and Facebook.

Newspaper published a cartoon Ultraman Malaysia
"(caricature) That is really having bad taste and do not represent the people of Malaysia who solidarity on our friends who are grieving in Japan," Nurul Izzah said politicion daughter of Anwar Ibrahim who is also on Twitter.

Top multifarious criticism, Daily News apologized via his Facebook account. "DAILY NEWS apologized to the broadcasting caricature of the tsunami and earthquake in Jepun in akhbar News Sunday today. parties we do not intend directly to chaff the disaster that befell the country, the opposite is very sympathetic and berkongsi Jepun grief with the people,"read the announcement it. [; Image:]
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