Monday, March 14, 2011

Microsoft money taken cracker

Viewwit News Online, There is a special currency that apply to trade in the Xbox Live Marketplace Microsoft Points. Well, supposedly there is a group of crackers who managed to steal 'money' is from Microsoft.

A group of unknown identity cracker it claims to have discovered the algorithm used to protect Microsot Points. As a result, they also managed to seize 1.2 million dollars 'money' of Microsoft.

Microsoft Points are made to reduce the transaction online using a credit card. Besides can be used to buy games on the Marketplace, 'money' is also applicable to purchase music or video through the Zune for Windows Phone 7.

Reported by Tomsguide quote Viewwit News Online fromI TGazine on Monday (3/14/2011), a cracker group also managed to find a way to use avatars Reach Halo Banshee who actually paid or trial for 48 hours.

So far Microsoft has not plans to drag a bunch of crackers to the green table, but  inovatotrXbox affirmed that they have patched a number of vulnerabilities exploited by crackers

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